July 2020
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Weighing In - July 2020

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What new L&D initiatives are emerging because of the mass migration to being a virtual workplace?

"Coaching will become compartmentalized and mandated for all employees. Bite-sized learning capsules will be developed for all learning programs. L&D professionals will likely serve as chaperones for major virtual meetings and play a larger role in organizational development."

—Billy Paul Ebenezer, Chennai, India

"Besides the fact that more people will understand the benefits of virtual tools, I think we will finally see more action during live events (virtual and in-person). There are so many tools that can help deliver information and check for understanding prior to live sessions. Trainers will begin to use that precious time together for things like clarification, practice, and reinforcement instead of information delivery. Use prework to prepare learners with the information and
expectations. Use live time together to clarify, discuss, and practice. Then use ongoing reinforcements and touch back."

—Mike Garber, Allen, Texas

"I think we're going to see a greater emphasis on blended learning. Through all of this, we are learning that virtual training is possible and often more efficient, but there are still some things that are meant to be done in person. Having a greater understanding of what needs to be instructor-led training versus e-learning can help companies, schools, and everyone make the most of their resources and better manage their time."

—Mackenzie Lauka, Indianapolis, Indiana

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