October 2020
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Weighing In – October 2020

Thursday, October 1, 2020

How do you foster environments that encourage teamwork and respectful relationships?

Establish team norms and values that align with respect and teamwork. Ensure accountability through goals and processes. Provide regular feedback as well as encourage employees to do the same. Recognize and reward employees who exhibit these values. And finally, demonstrate these values in your interactions with others.

—Stephaine S. Huston, Buffalo, New York

My last manager accomplished this by first creating a safe space to express opinions, thoughts, and ideas. Setting the tone for collaboration and safety from the outset proved fruitful as we delved into our extensive assignment. I received feedback from team members who expressed that they felt like they were really being listened to. I, too, observed how my manager's whole being was engaged as each person spoke freely and deliberately.

—Brenda Cantey, Columbia, South Carolina

Create an environment of transparency and trust where people feel safe speaking up and sharing their thoughts. No drama, no backstabbing, and no putting other people's ideas down. Thankfully, I'm on a team of diverse backgrounds where we respect each other's contributions.

—Chanta Rand, Houston, Texas

Show gratitude for one another. Pretty simple.

—Kyle Huffman, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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