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Word Wiz: Omnibot

Monday, July 2, 2018

Maybe you've used a chatbot on Facebook or your Internet service provider's website. How was the experience? Remarkable or, more likely, mundane?

Regardless, computers that can interact with humans through online chat are improving and becoming more ubiquitous in the business world. And as this occurs, chatbots may even evolve into manifestations of brands: omnibots. Described by Patrick Hussey in his Fast Company article "The Rise of the Omnibots" as "a conversational entity that represents your brand everywhere," one of these grown-up chatbots has the potential to cover all an organization's customer touch points. They "could one day become the face, voice, and embodiment of your brand," he writes.


Besides developing the technology to create these bots, organizations will need to ask themselves some existential questions: How should the brand look? What tone should it speak with? What information should it make available?

Hussey believes that when organizations successfully create these tools, their brands can evolve "from logo to being."

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