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Word Wiz: Robotics Quotient

Friday, October 4, 2019

As robotics revolutionize the workplace, humans must adapt and discover their new place within the organization. Robotics quotient (RQ) is a way of scoring a company's or individual's ability to work effectively with robots, just like IQ tests provide a score that helps gauge human cognitive abilities.

Forrester Research created RQ, which measures how well organizations learn from, adapt to, collaborate with, trust, and generate business results from automated entities—including software such as robotic process automation, artificial intelligence (AI), physical robotics, and related systems.


Ultimately, RQ is meant to help technology leaders determine where they need to prioritize or improve resources before a company makes a major investment in the robotics realm. A high RQ score means a company is prepared to handle challenges that automation and AI technologies bring.

The RQ comprises 39 criteria that support AI best practices, focusing on people, leadership, organizational structure, and trust (also known as the PLOT framework). To get employees excited about new robotic co-workers, firms will need to demonstrate how employees will benefit. Existing data show that people enjoy their jobs more after robotic process automation relieves them of mundane tasks. Use this positive spin to shift their thoughts toward robots. Humans have nothing to fear.

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