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Transform Your Management Team

  • Disengaged managers cost $300 billion in lost productivity.
  • 65 percent of managers are disengaged at work.
  • 62 percent of managers aren't given critical skills to succeed.

To help managers with this development, the Association for Talent Development (ATD) created the ACCEL model, which defines the five critical abilities necessary for managerial success: accountability, collaboration, communication, engagement, and listening and assessing.

Close the skills gap by providing your management team with resources they need to be more effective in their role to better guide and support their staff, improve team collaboration, and drive business results.

Are You Contributing to These Stats?

Gallup's 2015 State of the American Manager

Enterprise Solutions For Your Managers
Whether you need resources to train your team or support your team all year round, we have solutions for you.

ATD Certificate in Management Development

ATD’s research-based ACCEL framework highlights five skills crucial to managerial success, including a heightened emphasis on listening and emotional intelligence.

ATD Certificate in Strategic Leadership

Leading others is fundamental to your talent development success. Learn to influence team members, build organizational relationships, and manage change while aligning actions and priorities with strategic direction.

ATD-Yale Management Excellence Certificate

ATD and Yale have teamed up to create a four-day, intensive program that integrates ATD’s research-based ACCEL skills model with Yale’s superior management training approach to provide you the ultimate management development experience.

ATD Management Resource Center

ATD has curated its top resources on Management, aimed at helping front-line and middle managers develop and improve the performance of their teams.

Management Books

Publication resource to help your organization's managers to better develop and inspire their direct reports.

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Do you have a manager who likes to nitpick at everything you do just because? One who likes to use cliches and quotes Steve Jobs? This can be avoided.
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