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Measuring Success

Best practices on benchmarking the chapter’s data and successes.

SOUTHEASTERN WISCONSIN CHAPTER: Data-Driven Chapter Governance (Including Wild Apricot, Power BI, and Business Intelligence Dashboards)

SUMMARY: To strengthen the chapter’s operational strategy and governance, the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter constructed a series of business intelligence dashboards to track chapter data. The board uses Wild Apricot and Power BI to pull data that allows it to identify strategic opportunities, set goals, and define metrics for success. As a result, the chapter has developed a new data-driven approach to decision making, improved chapter operations in a number of fields, and discovered new areas for further exploration and growth.

YEAR: 2022


SUMMARY: In January 2017, the board evaluated the CARE and Power Member requirements to come up with a Chapter Metrics Scorecard. The scorecard was built to identify the most important goals, track specific metrics, and use those metrics in decision making. The chapter tracks six metrics that align with both CARE and Power Membership requirements: membership, Power Membership, chapter meeting attendees, budget year-to-date, money across accounts, and social media. The effort supported the growth of members and the community by providing higher-quality programs and allowing the board to make more informed decisions. This has led to a huge jump in Power Member numbers, from 46 percent to 68 percent in one year!

YEAR: 2018


SUMMARY: Greater Detroit Chapter came up with a scorecard to address ongoing metrics of the chapter and to ease the CORE process. The scorecard was targeted to aid the board primarily in making decisions about how to run the chapter and ensure alignment with CORE requirements.

YEAR: 2006

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