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AI and Machine Learning Are Transforming Training

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

In today’s fast-paced business world, if you’re not concerned about keeping your employees sharp, you’re going to quickly fall behind. "If your company isn't focused on upskilling, your workforce won't be well-equipped to adapt to new challenges and make the most of new opportunities," according to Jim Link, chief HR officer of staffing service Randstad North America. "Ultimately, your company will lose out on opportunities to innovate." That’s why numerous organizations across industries are looking at new technological answers to solve old upskilling problems. AI and machine learning show promise in bolstering upskilling programs that will help workers adapt quickly to an ever-changing workplace and faster-paced professional environment. Machine learning, in particular, is being used in a variety of ways, including making instructional content more accessible and more valuable, providing visual and auditory feedback in training situations, and developing faster instructional design and performance coaching. "The advantage of cognitive technology is that it can handle vast amounts of structured and unstructured data with a speed and accuracy to find training courses that match [employees'] current career experience," said James Cook, global partner of workforce development at IBM. "We believe there is an unprecedented opportunity for HR to drive digital transformation for many industries."

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