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November 2018
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Attracting and Retaining Millennials

Monday, July 2, 2018

As Baby Boomers retire, Millennials are positioned to become the dominant generation in the American workforce. These young workers have needs and desires that are not always met by the traditional employer, and attracting and retaining Millennial talent is a major challenge for most companies. Money is not sufficient incentive to stay with a company; Millennials have additional priorities. They want to be engaged in meaningful work that activates their passions. They are opinionated and have a desire to change their communities for the better. For them, a job isn’t just a job; it needs to be more. To attract Millennials, companies need to create positive cultures where the organizational goals are in sync with the social and cultural responsibility felt by young people. Additionally, Millennials want clarity in the direction of their careers as well as investment in that development. Professional ambiguity is not well-received, and access to training materials and development tools is a requirement.

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