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Augmented Reality Helps Mercedes-Benz Train Employees

Monday, August 6, 2018

Add Mercedes-Benz to the growing list of companies utilizing augmented reality (AR) to improve training efficiencies. About 450 management, product, branding, and sales employees are currently using more than 100 Microsoft HoloLens devices in the luxury automaker’s global training program. Using the AR headsets, employees are able to manipulate 3D versions of the vehicles to become more familiar with the products and examine their internal parts to better understand the vehicles’ complex systems. "One of our participants, a sales professional, told us that HoloLens would allow him to need only one car in his showroom," said Ralf Krieger, a training coach at Mercedes-Benz Global Training. "He envisioned using HoloLens in a way that his customers could touch the physical car, but also see, through mixed reality, how that same model would look if they wanted different components." Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only automobile manufacturer to use AR for training purposes. Ford has been using AR headsets to improve design processes, and Renault Trucks uses the technology to help factory workers understand complicated manufacturing tasks.

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