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Australian Nonprofits Need More Training

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Researchers at the University of Western Australia Centre for Social Impact have found that the nonprofit sector is missing an opportunity to create greater social change in the country due to lack of professional development programs for employees. The study indicated that half of all nonprofit employees surveyed do not have access to such programs. The research showed 33 percent of nonprofit executives do not have access to a designated training budget, but 48 percent of nonprofit employees and volunteers receive at least one formal professional development session per year. Additionally, researchers found that for each dollar spent on personal development, there is an average return of about six dollars. These returns were measured in the resulting behavioral changes and decisions made by well-trained employees. To remedy the problem, the researchers recommended that funders, the public, governments, and nonprofit leaders should view professional development programs as an investment, rather than a requirement. The researchers concluded that the overall health of the Australian nonprofit sector is directly tied to the sustainability and value of its workers and volunteers. 

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