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Avoid These Engagement Killers

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Engagement can make or break any organization, which is why it’s important for managers to not only work to foster environments of engagement, but also actively avoid the pitfalls that undermine it. Any effective employee engagement program should seek out ways to make employees more satisfied in their positions, but management styles and policies should be scrutinized to ensure organizations aren’t taking one step forward and two steps back. First, managers shouldn’t be neglecting the work-life balance of their employees. Work is important, but so are your employee’s family, friends, hobbies, and health. Managers who expect their teams to always be available quickly garner resentment. Let employees work how they work best, and don’t interfere unless it’s absolutely necessary. Additionally, just as with any relationship, trust is key. Take employees at their word if you don’t have a reason not to. It’s extremely frustrating for a team member to constantly be checked up on and hovered over as if they’re lying about their performance. In the same vein, micromanaging is an engagement assassin. Employees were hired to do their jobs. Let them.

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