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Avoiding the Engagement Cycle

Friday, August 11, 2017

Feelings of engagement at a job are cyclical. Usually, when an individual starts at an organization, they experience high levels of engagement. They are typically very excited to be embarking on a new journey. But somewhere down the road, those feelings of engagement dwindle. This could be caused by anything from a disagreement with co-workers to feeling poorly managed or underappreciated to being overwhelmed by the workload. There are numerous reasons for disengagement, but eventually, it’s something all employees will feel once the honeymoon phase wears off. Managers will notice engagement slipping, and decide something needs to be done to recharge and re-engage the workforce. Often times, the go-to move is to offer some new perk to employees, such as the ability to work from home or unlimited vacation. This could work for a while; however, managers should be careful when using these stop-gap perks to boost engagement. Some employees may see them as an insulting, pandering way to gain back lost loyalty. Instead of offering perks, management should instead focus on the concerns of their employees to establish long-term cultural change, instead of continuing the engagement-disengagement cycle.

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