July 2020
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Bringing the Lessons Learned From Remote Work Back to the Office

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

As we begin to transition back into traditional office spaces—even if it’s only some of the time—remember to integrate the positive habits you developed during the quarantine. For one, take actual breaks. Every few hours go out and get a breath of fresh air, grab a cup of tea, or take a walk around the building. This will bolster your mental health and increase your resiliency. Also, consider how you’re using your time in the office versus how you used your time working from home. While this isn’t a novel idea, it’s true that many in-person meetings can usually be emails or quick conference calls. Finally, remember to prioritize wellness. Working from home allowed us to integrate wellness habits into our day to day lives, whether that was going for a jog in the morning or meditating in the afternoon. Everyone’s wellness routine looks different, but as things start to transition back to “normal,” make sure those habits carry over.

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