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Compliance Training Needs an Overhaul

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Compliance training is an extremely important exercise; however, it is often approached with trepidation and loathing. While the policies covered in compliance training programs are important in protecting the organization from violating laws and regulations, often these programs are so tedious they can border on a waste of time. Most of the time, compliance training occurs during the onboarding process. During the first few weeks, a new employee is bombarded with information about their new position in addition to policies regarding harassment, workplace relationships, and conflicts of interest. Sometimes employees are required to attend a full day of lectures covering all of this information, where it’s difficult to pay attention and keep everything straight. The solution is to slow this process down. Spread the information out over a month or two, and make it easier to handle. Additionally, compliance training is often designed to be examined passively—typically in the form of short, online quizzes. The problem is most people don’t learn very well this way. It’s important to practice the actions of compliance training, not just reviewing the theory. Role-playing exercises and in-person situational dialogues can be helpful in this regard.

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