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Concepts for Boosting Employee Productivity

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

An organization is only as productive as the people who work there. That’s why it's important for leadership to understand how their management practices impact employee productivity, engagement, and motivation. Everyone works differently, and everyone will respond differently to various types of motivation. This makes the manager's task of deciding what to focus on when it comes to boosting productivity a difficult one. There are, however, important concepts to keep in mind when working to boost productivity. First, employees can’t be overloaded. One of the greatest factors in lack of engagement and turnover in a workplace is undue levels of stress. While it may seem like pushing employees to their limits will help them grow, it may backfire tremendously. Second, employees need to be given an opportunity to use their strengths. Every employee is unique and brings different skills to the table. Find out what these skills are and utilize them. Not only will this make the employee more productive, it will make them more satisfied with their position. Finally, the importance of training cannot be overlooked. Research shows that investing in meaningful employee training programs can significantly improve satisfaction and productivity.

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