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Don’t Dismiss Gamification

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Gamification is a perennial “loved to be hated” concept in the training world; most industry professionals believe that it’s a fad and will fade like so many fads before it. However, it might be merely a lack of understanding of gamification or a lack of exposure to it that has led to the dismissal of gamified employee training practices in many cases. In fact, gamification has been successfully utilized in employee onboarding processes in several major global corporations. Science and data back the success of the practice, and it can be used to generate helpful engagement data that can be employed to optimize training practices. “Offering personalized onboarding guides and messaging targeting specific user-groups and individual users gives employees the opportunity to learn your industry, culture, and new skills in a manner that is both entertaining and fine-tuned to their learning style,” says Eyal Lewisohn, CEO of Iridize, a web-based onboarding solutions company. “This in turn, helps employees gain a better grasp of their role within the company while also promoting a positive first impression, increasing both motivation and loyalty.” 

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