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April 2022
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Don’t Just Provide Training; Provide the Time for It

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Acquiring and retaining great talent is one of the most difficult challenges leaders face today — especially as turnover has increased to record levels. The great resignation has a simple solution, though. Training. According to a recent report, 40 percent of tech employees say a lack of career growth opportunities is a motivation for leaving their jobs, and a whopping 87 percent said they wanted to improve their tech skills. By not taking advantage of this desire, employers are doing themselves a double disservice. First, their workforce will stagnate quickly in the face of rapid evolution, and second, their team members will leave for opportunities that take their professional growth more seriously. The report puts it simply: "Skills help people stay. They help them thrive in their roles. And they enable you to deliver on your objectives." One of the main challenges that prevent this type of training though, is time. The report found that 61 percent of tech workers felt too busy to dedicate time to training. Committing to the professional development of your teams means managing workloads in such a way that provides them the space to better themselves.

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