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E-Learning Market Grows in Australia

Monday, May 11, 2015

In Australia, the e-learning market is expected to be valued at $5 billion in 2015, and many small business owners are taking advantage of these solutions to help their employees develop new skills, improve production, increase retention, and expand their businesses.As technology proliferates and costs decline, small businesses now have greater access to e-learning solutions. Many of these solutions are now available on any device on demand, which has shifted the way employers think about training and the way they engage their employees. This shift can be seen in skill-specific training at many start-ups, as well as universities offering online content through massive open online courses. With these advancements, small- to mid-sized companies now have access to resources that would have only been available for large companies just a few years ago. This helps smaller companies maintain a competitive edge and keep their staff members up to date. 

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