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Employee Development Should Be Intentional and Customizable

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The most important asset in any company is its workers. Just like any other business resource, leadership needs to invest in the workforce to foster growth—on an individual scale with the employee and at the organizational level with the entire company. However, successful employee development programs aren’t just an annual training day or a few workshops scattered throughout the year; employee development takes intention, understanding, and follow-through. It’s first important to understand that different employees have different learning styles and that what works for one person might not work for the next. Additionally, utilize all methods of training, both traditional and nontraditional. “Learning has evolved from classroom and video training, to webcast, podcast, and other just-in-time learning programs,” Kathy Lockwood of Blue Water Leadership Coaching said. “Consider ways to include your entire population and their various learning styles.” It’s also important to be clear about the purpose of a training module, and how the training is grounded in both individual and organizational purpose. "Offer content that connects specifically and creatively to the business vision and strategy as well as to individual development,” said Tonyalynne Wildhaber of The Courage Practice. “Ensure each deliverable holds a clear and relevant connection to advancing both the organization and the people within it.”

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