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Employee Engagement Grows Incrementally

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In April, the percentage of U.S. employees who felt engaged in their jobs was 31.7 percent. This figure was about the same as percentages in March and January of this year, but lower than the three-year high recorded in February. This figure was reached by interviewing 6,024 employed adults. Overall, this level of engagement was slightly higher than it was during the same period recorded last year. Broken down by levels of education, the survey found workers with the most advanced degrees were the least engaged with their jobs. Employees with postgraduate degrees displayed a 29.1 percent level of engagement, while those with a high school diploma or less were engaged at a rate of 36.1 percent. This is consistent with historical patterns that show, since 2012 (the first year engagement levels were compared to education levels), the least educated employees are often the most engaged. If the trend continues, it is possible 2015 will surpass 2014 in terms of engagement. At the end of 2014, engagement levels were at 31.5 percent, the highest recorded rate since 2000.

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