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Employee Recognition Critically Important in Africa

Monday, July 27, 2015

Speaking during the Jwaneng Town Council Reward and Recognition Ceremony last month, Margaret Baiketsi, director of instructional and workplace training for the Human Resource Development Council, told attendees that recognition and rewards in the workplace make employees feel appreciated, increase productivity, and help keep them engaged. However, one form of recognition, access to development programs, is often overlooked. Baiketsi said that development programs are important forms of recognition, because they demonstrate that the company values employees' ability to contribute to the overall success of the organization. These programs also benefit the employer, as workers must constantly adapt to the ever-changing global marketplace. Feedback, she says, is another important way organizations can demonstrate the value of top performers. This type of positive affirmation and recognition helps employees take pride in their work and will inspire a commitment to the organization and a passion for the job.

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