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Engagement Isn’t an Add-On

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Anyone who's spent 30 seconds googling the term employee engagement can tell you there is a wealth of information on the subject. Reams of paper and gallons of ink have been used writing about the topic, and millions of corporate dollars have been spent attempting to nail down the elusive goal. The amount of information out there on the topic may seem overwhelming, but really, it falls into two categories. The first is the self-serving sellers of engagement. They are the ones that tell you if you buy their particular product or service, your workforce will magically become engaged. The second are those offering “warm, fuzzy” tips. These ideas for boosting engagement can be large (ask your employees for advice) or small (pay more attention to onboarding), but they all get back to the same idea that engagement can be an add-on achievement. This is simply not the case, and the reason so many organizations miss the boat on engagement. Businesses either operate in such a way as to engage employees, or they don’t. It can’t be an afterthought. To truly engage employees, companies need to treat their workers like trusted partners and sharing in the challenge. It’s that simple.

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