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Engagement Starts With Meaningful Work

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Engaged employees are happier and more productive, and stay with their company for longer periods; however, attaining high, sustainable levels of engagement within a workforce is a difficult task. Organizations find it difficult to keep employees engaged, and efforts to boost engagement often fail. But why? Many organizations seem to think engagement is something that employees can be forced to feel through program-driven approaches. Usually, these tactics start with the traditional engagement survey, where employees are asked to spend time answering vague questions about their attitudes. Often times, simply asking employees to perform an engagement survey is disengaging in itself. For true engagement to take root, employees need to feel like their work has meaning. This means that they are doing something that is important to them, and something they are good at. This can change from employee to employee, but differences in abilities and priorities will ultimately make a team stronger. Once the right people are fit with the right jobs, engagement will naturally be the result, leading to a robust and dynamic brand and an ultimately successful company.

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