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Engagement: Where Am I Going, and Where Are We Going?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Employee engagement is an important concept, but for many, it’s difficult to nail down. Some leaders think engagement can be achieved simply by making the workplace more “fun” and buy a ping pong table for the break room or have craft beer in the fridge on Fridays. While these perks can make the workday a little more lighthearted, they really do nothing to boost engagement among employees. Ultimately, employment boils down to two questions: Where am I going, and where is the company going? High-level leaders love talking about the company’s direction, often forgetting that every employee isn’t a part of these conversations. According to Gallup, only 41 percent of employees say they understand their company’s overall direction. This is unacceptable if engagement is the ultimate goal. A clear view of the company’s future needs to be available to all employees so they can feel confident that what they’re doing matters. Additionally, employees need to feel that the organization values their personal and professional growth. To do this, ask them what they care about and how they see the organization fitting into their plans.

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