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Honing Time Management Skills

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

We all want to be more productive, and the modern workplace demands this of us. Every day we have scores of tasks to perform, and many feel stretched thin at the end of the week. How can you best organize your day to maximize productivity? First, organize your tasks by urgency. Create a to-do list with two columns: "Must be done today," and "Can wait." Then, organize each task by the estimated time it will take to complete it. This will help you create a road map for your day, ensuring that the most important tasks are complete and time isn’t wasted. Additionally, be aware of what distracts you. If you have a tendency to check your phone every time it beeps, consider switching over to do-not-disturb mode while you’re working on particularly rigorous tasks. It can also help to think about your day in separate blocks. Blair Williams of Caseproof says she organizes her time into two four-hour blocks each day; for each block, she sets one or two goals to accomplish. This helps her make incremental progress and not become overwhelmed.

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