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November 2018
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How AI Can Create More Inclusive Workplaces

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Inclusivity and diversity are important in today’s workplaces, and hiring managers should be concerned with onboarding candidates with the right skills, regardless of that person’s race, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, or social background. Organizations with this mindset will increase their performance by enhancing their agility, innovation, and productivity by creating an environment where employees feel comfortable to completely be themselves. While this sounds great in theory, organizations often find it difficult. This is where technology is stepping in to enable businesses to pinpoint the right talent for the right role. One way it is doing so is by helping remove unconscious bias from the hiring process. While these biases are rarely malicious (they are unconscious, after all) the truth of the matter is that all people have them, and they will be a factor in hiring processes unless they are actively rooted out and eliminated. Technology can work through the candidate application process substantially faster than humans, and determine which candidates will be the most successful without the possibility of unconscious bias and stereotyping slipping in.

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