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How To Prevent Self-Promotion Turnover

Monday, August 28, 2017

Even the best, brightest, and most engaged employees could leave at a moment’s notice. This is costly, leading to extensive down time and a decrease in productivity. In order to prevent this turnover from occurring, it's first important to understand why employees leave. This is where the concept of self-promotion comes into play. Employees feel like they aren’t moving up the ladder fast enough, and will leave for an organization that gives them a better title to advance in their profession. Often times money isn’t the deciding factor in the decision to leave, it’s career growth. To prevent this, it's important that an employee feels valued at their organization. They should be assured that their personal development is a priority of the organization, and they should be helped in their career paths. Today’s employees don’t want jobs, they want purpose. If an organization is not providing that purpose, your employee will find one that will.

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