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How to Survive the Great Resignation

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Employees are still quitting in record numbers as the Great Resignation continues to upend workforces across the globe. There are steps organizations can take, however, to insulate themselves from the worst impacts of the movement. First, embrace flexibility. Employees not only want flexible jobs, but they now expect them. Almost every study conducted on the subject will tell you the same thing. Flexibility is one of the top factors people are considering these days when making career decisions, and employers who don’t offer this flexibility will be left behind. To that point, it’s also beneficial to incentivize loyalty. Start by asking your current employees what they value most and what types of compensation or benefits would encourage them to remain at your organization. With around half of employees actively seeking better job opportunities, having blunt, to-the-point conversations with workers about their job satisfaction is necessary.

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