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IBM Is a Model for Cultural Learning

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Want to create a culture of learning in your organization? Look to IBM as a model. Workers there engage in an average of 60 hours of professional development annually, and many undergo far more. And this isn’t simply because IBM is hiring driven employees. The company spends about half a billion (with a B) dollars in employee education every year. "We’re certainly believers of the education philosophy here,” said Carrie Alteiri, IBM's VP of Communications, People and Culture. “We're going to be expected to do some teaching, which means we better have that expertise.” For companies looking to follow in IBM’s footsteps, Alteiri says first the organization should make education interesting and fun. IBM uses a digital credentialing platform to gamify their skills and education in an exciting and engaging way. Additionally, education should be contemporary and mirror an employee’s day-to-day experiences. IBM’s education management system is available through a streaming “Netflix-type” experience. This makes learning more continent and appealing, especially to younger workers. IBM also strives to make education available to everyone, not just new employees or those new to their career. Everyone is supported to better their careers, no matter their level of seniority or experience.

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