August 2015
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Implementing a Workplace Training Program for Small Businesses

Monday, August 17, 2015

Training is essential to employee productivity, safety, and success, yet many companies, especially small businesses, do not have concrete training policies and programs in place. While developing such programs may seem daunting, when broken down into key components, an effective training program can be created even for the smallest of organizations. First, determine what information is pertinent and necessary. Job duties, sexual harassment policies, and diversity training are all important concepts that should be included. Second, confirm that the information presented was retained. The best way to do this is through regular training sessions. Incentive-based training programs can drive the concepts home as well. Also look into computer-based training, especially for cash-strapped small businesses. Automated training is a way to save money and allow employees the autonomy to train themselves according to their individual schedules. Leadership training is another element small businesses should look into. Training isn’t just for managed employees. Managers and owners should also review leadership skills in order to remain effective. 

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