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Improving Cybersecurity Buy-In

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

It’s estimated that cybercrime caused more than $1.33 billion in monetary damages in 2016 alone. While organizations are doing more to prevent such attacks, it’s clear that cybercriminals are still a major threat. While companies can protect themselves with high-tech tools and expensive security systems, these precautions can all be rendered useless by one careless employee clicking a link they shouldn’t. So how can an employer make sure their employees are taking cybersecurity seriously? First, it’s important to establish awareness. "Establish a cybersecurity awareness program. Conduct frequent mandatory employee training and other related cybersecurity interactions,” says Guy Yehiav of Profitect. “Establish simple cybersecurity rules and procedures that employees can easily understand and adopt. The weakest link is the end user. Deploy procedures and tools for cyberthreat exceptions, including user behavior analytics.” Additionally, it can be helpful to make cybersecurity personal. Q. Manning of Rocksauce Studios says employees are more likely to be concerned with cybersecurity when they know it’s not just the company they are protecting, it’s their own sensitive data as well.

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