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Internships Growing in Importance for Young People

Monday, May 18, 2015

Companies are increasingly forgoing the spring job market, when they would typically be interviewing exiting college seniors, and instead are hiring from a growing pool of interns, shifting hiring patterns and upending recruiting practices. More than 70 percent of hires at large companies such as Facebook, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and eBay have come from the company’s internship programs, compared to 50 percent or less about 10 years ago. “There was a time when 50 employers came to recruit for interns,” Patricia Rose, director of the career center at the University of Pennsylvania, said. “Now we have 180.” A significant share of the entry-level positions in specific industries such as engineering, graphic design, communications, marketing, and information technology are all internships, according to a Burning Glass Technologies analysis of nearly 215,000 online job postings. This means college students must start acting more decisively while still in school if they wish to land a job in their field upon graduation. “You can’t spend your first couple of summers in college lifeguarding or working as a camp counselor anymore if you have a specific job in mind after graduation,” said Matt Sigelman, the CEO of Burning Glass. “Those typical summer jobs are not going to position you for work after graduation.”

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