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Job Candidates Should Really Interview Each Other

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

In a traditional job interview, candidates sit down in front of an interviewer or team of interviewers and are asked questions about their past experiences, current skills, and how they would be an asset if given the opportunity for employment. The interviewers control the questions, pace, and format of the meeting. This is the norm, but some experts think this actually might be the worst way to identify who would potentially be a good fit. “That’s a terrible environment and exercise for making judgments about people,” Lawrence Miller, a Udemy Leadership coach, says. “The interviewer is a poor observer because he or she is performing at the same time. You are a much better observer of behavior when you can sit back and watch the candidates perform in a simulation that calls on the same skills required in the job.” Miller says the process works best if flipped upside-down, first allowing candidates to interview representatives from the company, and then interview each other. The first step, he says, helps the candidates decide if they actually want to work at the organization, and the second puts on display a candidate’s interpersonal skills and likability.

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