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KFC Employees Train by Cooking Virtual Chickens

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Add KFC to the growing list of companies leveraging virtual reality (VR) for training purposes. According to a recent company release, it’s debuting an employee training program that will help chefs learn to cook its signature meals inside a virtual kitchen. The program resembles a game and will allow players to complete the five steps needed to fry chicken in KFC’s style, including inspecting, rinsing, breading, racking and pressure frying virtual meat. While frying a real chicken in a physical KCF takes around 25 minutes, a company spokesperson said the in the VR program it takes about 10 minutes. However, the training isn’t meant to speed up the process, it’s simply to help employees do their jobs more effectively. It’s not clear how robust the program will be, as it was built by an adverting agency; however, a company spokesperson said the game is intended to supplement the company’s existing training courses. “This is intended to be a fun way to celebrate the work KFC’s more than 19,000 cooks do every day in every restaurant across the U.S. in an engaging way,” the spokesperson said.

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