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Low-Cost Training Utilizing Existing Resources

Friday, July 27, 2018

Employee training is a critical part of any business strategy, but many organizations, particularly small ones, lack the resources to truly dedicate the time and energy necessary to develop an effective program. There are options, though, for businesses who find themselves in this predicament, as a variety of low-cost or even free training options are becoming available. One of these is on-the-job training, which utilizes existing supervisors and subject matter experts and tasks them with coaching employees who need to improve competencies in specific areas. Not only does this approach leverage existing resources, it can also help strengthen the bonds between leadership and employees. Lunch & Learns are a similar, no-cost tactic to consider. “These should be casual meetings over lunch, facilitated by a different person every session, and built around a topic that person specializes in and wants to broadcast,” says James Banares of the Forbes Human Resources Council. “It could be discussing a new book they've read, a new tactic, a new craft in their field, or a new approach. It creates an environment of sharing knowledge.”

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