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Machine Learning Helps HR Increase Engagement

Friday, August 24, 2018

Technology has been disruptive in nearly every industry, and almost every department in any given organization has had to adapt to the use of new digital tools. The human resources department is no different. From big data analytics to cloud computing, HR’s domain is slowly being transformed. One of the most drastic ways we’re witnessing this change is in the increased use of machine learning to identify trends and patterns in the workforce. A few examples of this are companies increasingly utilizing data analytics to track and guide employee training and development, aid in performance reviews, discover where skills and knowledge gaps exist within the organization, and tweak training to make it more personalized to an employee’s unique needs. Additionally, machine learning is helping HR professionals to better tackle the issue of employee engagement. By gathering data-guided insights into workplace environments, HR professionals now have powerful tools to analyze and understand what really makes a workforce tick and meet employee needs more effectively. By using these tools, many organizations are seeing decreases in turnover and significant upticks in engagement rates.

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