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Making Onboarding More User-Friendly

Monday, July 27, 2015

Most companies start their onboarding by giving new hires a tour of the office, introducing them to co-workers, and providing them with basic job function training. These are no doubt essential elements of onboarding, but the process should be far more in depth than this whirlwind of new faces and information. One way the process can seem more personal is by giving the employee hyper-local information not necessarily related to day-to-day job functions. The onboarding process should be unique to the company's city and office location, as often new hires will not be local, or may be coming in from out of state. It should focus on information such as public transportation schedules, parking, entertainment, childcare services, and even good restaurants in the area. Also, managers should consider extending the onboarding process to current employees. The new hire isn't the only one who needs to prepare for a new job. It's just as important for current staff to be ready to welcome the new hire. Sending out an announcement is a good way to do this. 

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