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Making Sure Training Sticks

Monday, October 1, 2018

Employee training is a huge industry, with most companies expending tremendous resources to keep their workforce competitive. Unfortunately, though, a lot of times those resources are wasted because the training simply doesn't stick. This can be for myriad reasons, but the takeaway is clear: Before investing in training, employers need to be sure the program they choose will be impactful. Adam Mendler of the Veloz Group said it’s important to keep training accessible and consumable. "When I provide leadership training, I focus on a few important takeaways rather than overwhelming audiences with so much material that they will not retain anything," he says. “Companies must remember that in an age of information overload, less is more, and the more consumable the content, the better.” It’s also a best practice to make sure training isn’t offered in a one-size-fits-all approach. "People tend to teach in the way they learn best and assume that because they grasp a concept delivered in their preferred format, others will, as well,” says Keith Gruebele of Bankers Healthcare Group. “Except that doesn't work. By adapting to your associates’ needs instead of assuming they'll bend to yours—by offering training in different formats and environments—you can get more comprehension and better absorption of new concepts and skills.”

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