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Management Is a Skill

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

You wouldn’t choose someone who had no medical training to be your doctor; so why do we place people who’ve had no managerial training in management roles? Poor management skills seem to be rampant in our workplaces. One of the main problems is that the skills it takes to effectively manage people are often completely different from the skills needed to perform the work they were doing prior to obtaining a management position . . . and just because a person is great at a particular job doesn’t mean they will be good at managing the department. Managers need to be able to set clear expectations, delegate responsibilities, check in with employees without micromanaging, and give beneficial feedback; these are not skills most people innately possess, and many managers are thrown into their roles with little to no support and expected to wing it. Organizations need to recognize and value management as a skill of its own and treat it as such. New managers should be provided with ongoing training and support—or the cycle will continue.

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