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Managers Need Training Too

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Management training is sorely lacking, according to a study conducted by consulting firm West Monroe Partners. The survey revealed managers across the country feel overworked, undertrained, and incapable of maximizing their time due to administrative roadblocks. "Executives frequently cite that they're unaware of just how much managers have on their plates and how much this pulls them away from managing operations and people," according to West Monroe. Managers feel bogged down by their administrative tasks, and in response, many companies have sought to automate these processes. However, even with this automation, 24 percent of respondents said they still spent over half of their day on administrative issues, and 44 percent said they were never trained on the tools built to help them. "Though enterprises and employees are seeing positive returns from automation technology, companies can only maximize ROI by reimagining the people and processes, too," West Monroe stated in its survey materials. “As automation tools become a mainstay in the workplace, companies will need to take the time to evaluate which tool is the right fit for their team and how they will onboard managers onto the platform."

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