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Mental Health Issues in the Workplace

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mental illness affects a large segment of the population, and depression and anxiety can lead to decreases in personal productivity and a lack of engagement. Studies show that the economic drain on productivity created by untreated mental health issues is approximately $105 billion. Unfortunately, troubled employees are written off, ignored, or perceived as a workplace cultural problem. However, a healthy work environment, where a struggling individual is not treated as an outcast, can be hugely beneficial on the road to recovery. With this understanding, many progressive workplaces are actively working to fight the negative stigmas and social prejudices leveled against those with mental health issues. Training tools are invaluable in this effort—with the right programs, managers can learn to broaden their thinking and overcome the awkwardness of approaching someone with a mental health issue. Addressing mental health in the workplace compassionately and proactively can ease the burden of the employee, the managerial staff, the employee’s co-workers, and the community as a whole.

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