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Microlearning: Easy and Effective

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Training shouldn’t be thought of as a one-time event where new employees learn their job functions. To get the most out of employees, training should be an ongoing process, with regular sessions throughout the year. However, training can be time-consuming, and in today’s fast-paced marketplace, downtime can kill productivity. Microlearning might be a solution to this dilemma. Microlearning sessions are essentially full training sessions broken up into small bites. They happen as often as required and, thanks to mobile technology, they can happen anywhere. They are much shorter in duration and designed to present the learner with all relevant information in as brief a format as possible. This deconstruction of traditional curriculums enables easy information consumption and the ability to train in a nonlinear way. Microlearning programs are easily customizable, and because they are employee-centric in their scheduling, more employees are likely to use them. Microlearning also ensures that all employees will have access to information that is relevant to them, and that information can be accessed whenever it is needed. 

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