August 2015
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Mobile Devices Allow Training On the Go

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

As mobile technology becomes ubiquitous, more companies are looking to use mobile devices for training. It seems nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days, so forward-thinking managers and HR departments are using them to make training materials available to on-the-go employees. Scott Robinson, a strategic account sales manager for gym and fitness center equipment manufacturer Johnson Health Tech, frequently uses the company’s online training materials to familiarize himself with products during his downtime. "It gives me the ability to take those courses in a much more flexible manner, whether I am at an airport or on a train or whatever," Robinson said of the mobile coursework. The employees on his team also can use it to train on new products, improve their sales skills, or analyze comparisons of their products with those of competitors, even when they are traveling, he said. "It can help people sell more." His company provides its online training to its approximately 1,300 employees and some 3,700 other customer and distributor users.

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