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More Employers Embrace Training Rather Than Outside Hiring

Friday, October 26, 2018

There’s no denying the benefits of employee training, yet some organizations are still reluctant to provide their employees with the tools they need to thrive. The thinking is that another organization might reap the benefits of an employee trained by the company, therefore they shouldn’t put forth the resources. “I call it the ‘I drink your milkshake’ problem,” says Jake Schwartz, chief executive officer and co-founder of General Assembly. And this problem has been going on for decades. In the years before the global financial crisis, companies were steadily decreasing the amount of training the provided. In 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau found only 11 percent of workers received employer-sponsored training. In 1996, that number was 19 percent. It appears, however, that the trend is shifting due to near record-low levels of unemployment. In September, the jobless rate was just 3.7 percent, but there were more than 7 million unfilled positions. Employers simply can’t find candidates with the required skills among the jobless, so they are increasingly looking in-house to craft the employee they need.

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