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More Industries Look to VR for Training Purposes

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Virtual reality (VR) was expected to revolutionize the video gaming industry; but due to a small user base, few compelling titles, and expensive, sometimes-awkward equipment, the technology’s luster has faded. Yet, while it didn’t totally disrupt video gaming, it has found growth in other sectors—specifically, training. Several Fortune 500 companies like Boeing, UPS, and Walmart are using VR to train employees on a wide scale. "We find that [drivers] are . . . learning the verbiage much faster, and it's the same verbiage they have to use when out on the road with their supervisor," said Laura Collings, training manager at UPS. "Virtual reality has unlimited possibilities. We're looking at every opportunity we can right now." In Canada, a medical university will also be utilizing the new technology to help medical students practice in an environment where mistakes won’t be fatal. "Virtual reality offers exciting . . . opportunities for us to realistically simulate a wide range of clinical situations," said Dr. Dan Howes, director of the Queen's Faculty of Health Sciences Clinical Simulation Center. "We want learners to make all their beginner mistakes in the virtual environment, not on real patients."

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