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New Technologies Require New Ways of Thinking, Training

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Technological literacy is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplaces, and organizations whose workforces aren’t keeping up with the times will be hard-pressed to remain competitive, both in terms of attracting new talent and maintaining profitability. So what are the most tech-savvy companies focusing on right now? Worker engagement platforms, for one. This concept refers to using digital tools to create a positive experience throughout an employee’s life cycle. The benefits of these platforms are numerous, especially in industries that require high levels of creativity and collaboration. These platforms support and facilitate regular feedback, training, coaching, engagement, participation, and recognition in a digital environment. Another trend that hasn’t fully taken hold yet, but will become increasingly important in the coming years, is human augmentation. According to Jackie Fenn, an analyst at Gartner, this process “creates cognitive and physical improvements as an integral part of the human body to deliver performance that exceeds normal human limits.” Obviously, these types of technologies will require new types of training to fully actualize, and policy will need to be in place to prevent abuses. For example, according to Fenn, “Several states have already passed bills banning employers from requiring chip implants as a condition of employment.”

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