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Onboarding Entry-Level Employees

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Turnover is costly, even among entry-level employees. To save time and money, organizations need to be sure that their onboarding practices and new employee training are accomplishing the necessary goals of getting new hires up to speed without chasing them away. New employees—even those coming in at the bottom—should feel comfortable with the company and understand exactly what their responsibilities are from the start. First, it’s important not to overwhelm them. Having a well-defined training schedule will ensure that the new employee doesn’t feel like they are all on their own. Additionally, time shouldn’t be wasted on meaningless tasks. Even though this individual is entry level, that doesn’t mean their time isn’t valuable. If restocking the break room or ordering new office supplies isn’t part of their job description, they shouldn’t be charged with doing it. It’s also helpful to ask for feedback during the onboarding processes. The more feedback you receive from new entry-level employees the more it will help the organization refine training methodologies in the future.

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