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Overlooked Ways Engagement Benefits a Company

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

There are many benefits of an engaged workforce. Higher profitability, increased productivity, and greater retention rates are some of the most well known, but engagement touches nearly every aspect of an organization, and boosting engagement matters in a company’s overall success. For example, high levels of engagement also translate to higher rates of workplace happiness. According to research, only 12 percent of employees leave their job simply in search of a better paycheck; they want to be recognized for their work and contribution. When employees are engaged, they feel their work matters and are more likely remain. Additionally, engaged employees are more open to new ideas and innovation than their disengaged counterparts. Engaged employees are constantly thinking about ways to enhance the work they’re doing, rather than simply contributing the bare minimum. When this environment is fostered, employees will come up with new and creative solutions to problems rather than ineffective workarounds. Another benefit of high levels of engagement that often goes overlooked is improved recruitment rates. When employees genuinely enjoy their work and their workplace, they are more likely to recommend their place of business to their peers. High performing employees tend to hang out with high performing friends, so it’s important that they feel comfortable recommending the company and vouching for it as a great place to work.

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