October 2017
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Planning, Communication Critical in Managing Crisis

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

In today’s interconnected world, any problem an organization faces has the potential to become a full-blown crisis. Even small issues can spiral out of control, decimating employee goodwill and destroying a company’s reputation. During moments of crisis like this, strong leadership becomes critically important—but what makes a good leader during an emergency? First, proactive management and foresight need to be applied. Planning ahead for turbulent times and ensuring that leadership can avert any potentially damaging scenarios is crucial in managing crisis, and if this hasn’t already been done, it should. Clear communication during crisis is also important to ensure the organizational ship weathers the storm. Tension and misunderstandings are the first things to surface during a crisis; however, these issues can be dealt with immediately, or prevented from occurring at all, through clear communication from leadership. Everyone involved—from clients to employees—must be kept on the same page to avoid catastrophe.

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