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Preparing for Promotion

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It’s common knowledge that employees want clearly defined paths for professional development, but in the real world, asking for and getting a promotion isn’t always easy. There are several unspoken rules that, if understood, can help the probability of landing in that corner office. First, the employee must build a case. Consider the following questions: What have you done to add value beyond your job description? How does promoting you help the organization? What exactly are you asking for? It’s also very important to know your worth before entering into the promotion conversation. Understanding your value not only to the company but also on the open job market will give you the negotiation power to leverage a better position. While everyone likes to think they are indispensable, you need to be realistic here. Also, don’t assume your work is being noticed. You’re going to need to be on management’s radar to be considered for a promotion, and it’s folly to assume anyone is going to advocate for you. Speak up and take credit for your ideas and your work; make sure your boss knows why the department is so successful.

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